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Spaniards, Europeans with the highest level of mercury in the body

Spaniards, Europeans with the highest level of mercury in the body

The Spaniards are the Europeans who have more mercury in their body as a result mainly of their high consumption of fish and shellfish, as evidenced by an international study in which researchers from the University of Murcia have participated

The investigation, which has been carried out analyzing the largest number of blood, urine and hair samples used so far in a study of this type, also determines that the highest concentrations of this heavy metal are the citizens of the regions bathed by the Mediterranean: Region of Murcia, Valencian Community, Baleares, Andalusia, and Catalonia


This circumstance is due to the high consumption of fish, especially large fish and, after those in Spain, the inhabitants of France, Italy, and Greece are placed with high levels of mercury.

However, according to the professor of Toxicology, Miguel Motas, who has participated in the study, the levels detected in the majority of the population investigated are within the limits established by the World Health Organization (WHO) and have no direct effects About health

The consumption of tuna and swordfish are the ones that have the greatest impact on mercury levels in the inhabitants of the Mediterranean regions, but Motas has insisted that it is not necessary to stop consuming these fish, but only to moderate their intake, especially in the case of children and pregnant women.

The study makes it clear that when fish consumption exceeds five times per week, mercury presence analyzes reveal that it increases exponentially, and there is also a greater presence of this toxic in older people due to the effect of a sustained diet during years.

For the study 1,900 blood samples, 1,700 urine and 600 hair samples from people residing throughout Spain have been used, which is the largest sample that has ever had a study of biomonitoring of mercury in Spain.

Around 5 percent of the people who have participated in it have mercury levels that pose a risk to their health.

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